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Spanish in Latin America

Remember Latin America covers a vast area with different people's histories and culture. Can you imagine yourself speaking the language? This is a wonderful Spanish language course in South America.

If so avoid the "gringo trail"! There are too many tourist traps and occasions when you will find yourself stuck in an English-speaking (and false) environment. This will not help your castellano. In fact, if you go with a group of English speakers you can expect your Spanish skills to remain very low indeed. In such a scenario, even if someone offers you one-to-one tuition, you need to be in a Spanish-speaking environment where the people you come into contact will speak Spanish. Don't be fooled!

"I liked the fact that they only spoke to us in Spanish from day one and all the work books were also in Spanish (with no English translation). This was also good and aided learning."

Having said that there are some places which offer authentic experiences and guaranteed learning. After years of extensive research and fully aware that language centres change from year to year, LANACOS makes it its goal to provide up-to-date and qualified information on Spanish courses in Latin America.

Look at the snapshot of prices below (offers will change from time to time). Note there are large discounts on long-term stays



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4 weeks in Chile, Peru, Ecuador or Argentina
Small interactive groups allow each student to progress quickly. 80 group lessons at your level. Gain a certificate at the end of the course and combine locations while travelling. Accommodation in shared apartment self-catering. Option to stay with specially-selected host half-board and extend your 4 weeks.

If you want a specific time period between 1 week and 50 weeks, then contact LANACOS. We help, you choose!

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