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Rioja region

 Discover a new Spain, where drink and gastronomy are perfect partners in the quest to speak Spanish.

"I liked the professionalism of the teachers and the atmosphere created. Nothing needs to be improved. The language school is excellent."

Maybe you think you know Spain because you have travelled so many times, but beware there is more! Northern Spain offers new activities and time-honoured traditions. Seek with LANACOS and you shall find.

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2 weeks Spanish in the north
40 lessons are dedicated to linguistic fluency i.e. speaking, listening, understanding and interacting in multinational groups. The aim is to express oneself correctly and extra sessions on cultural/social activities. The end result is to raise the individual's level of communication. Half-board single room accommodation included with option to stay in a self-catering apartment or hotel.











 2 weeks plus 8 weeks internship
Good for gap year - 20 on linguistic fluency and extra sessions on cultural activities. The end result is to raise the individual's level of communication, then do work experience in the language. Self-catering apartment (single room) accommodation included.

If you want a specific time period between 2 week and 50 weeks, then contact LANACOS. We help, you choose!

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