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Experience Paris

Stroll through the parks of Paris

This is your chance to escape to the Metropole, speak in French about culture, sport, literature or gastronomy. LANACOS offers you the sophisticated option of a Fluency French language course in Paris.

"Excellent service and very friendly and helpful staff"

If you like city life, then consider two weeks or more. You won't get bored during a long stay; there is much to do, see and taste.

Note that there are excellent discounts with LANACOS for long term stays.



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2 weeks French in Paris
52 contact lessons; verbal communication is key to the success of the programme i.e. learning to listen and understand, to express oneself correctly with good received pronunciation. The end result is to raise the individual's level of communication. Free wifi. B&B single room with option to go half-board or hotel











1 week Minigroup for professionals
Unique opportunity to make maximum progress in the minimum amount of time. 3 to 6 participants interact in small groups (Monday to Friday). 5 different levels from beginners to advanced, written and oral check on first day, sessions start in mornings or afternoons (your choice). Accommodation in single room, B&B provision at home, 10-30 minutes away from language centre. Option to extend stay upto 12 weeks.






1-week Summer Campus
Option to extend up to 8 weeks. Ideal for 17-25 year olds. Participants do 20 hours/week, speaking using role-plays, debates, meetings and excursions; reading with a view to understanding and analysing authentic materials. Accommodation in university residence. 120 EUR July supplement.






1-week French Teacher course
Specially designed for teachers Possible to do 1-4 weeks and add one-to-one sessions throughout the year. Course is advertised in the catalogue and is open to EU funding. Accommodation options with a specially- selected family half board or hotel.

If your time is limited and you want a more business-orientated language programme, then we would recommend the minigroup French option. Choose between 1 and 50 weeks.

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