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French in France

The great opportunity you have in France is that you have a variety of regions and settings to choose from to do a French language course in France.

"I liked the intensive French practice. I spoke French every day, all day"

A very popular and exceptional destination is Paris. Despite the fact that there are so many language centres in Paris, there are many sub-standard courses. It is in your interests to go to one that suits you best.

One, for example, is perfect of business professionals who want small interactive groups or just one-to-one�s. However this is not best suited for the student who naturally needs to budget their stay carefully. Paris is not cheap and anyone who promises you Paris on the cheap is entrapping you here and now.

Nevertheless, there are some excellent courses that are particularly well-suited to the university student or the gap-year participant. Click on the menu above or see the list below.

Most LANACOS clients stay between 2-12 weeks on location. We give you the option to extend. However, after 12 weeks, you will be much more fluent and your self-confidence in the language will be much higher, so you may not need our language services for the extra weeks!

Look at the snapshot of prices of French courses in France. Note there are large discounts on long-term stays



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2 weeks French in Paris
52 contact lessons; verbal communication is key to the success of the programme i.e. learning to listen and understand, to express oneself correctly with good received pronunciation. The end result is to raise the individual's level of communication. Free wifi. B&B single room with option to go half-board or hotel






2-week holiday course in the Alps
Open all year round, this programme is a low cost option for an active and productive time. Ideal for 18-23 year olds. 20 lessons a week on fluency and listening so you feel confident in speaking the language. Halfboard accommodation in private home is included (self-catering options also available). Ski at weekends in winter and spring, summer activity programme.






 4 weeks in central France
72 lessons on language & 32 lessons on discussions and workshops, full use of multimedia centre. 27 nights in private home Half-Board single room. getting to know the area and the people, pick up at station or local airport.






2-week course in Nice
40 lessons focus on speaking the language. Excellent interaction created by quality tutors B&B accommodation with host (option to stay in self-catering apartment or hotel)






2 weeks Teenager Course on the Riviera
Standard course (40 lessons) accommodation with a family (twin room) or in residence or on campus (room for 2 or 4 students). Half board + option to go full board. Security, Activities, Excursions, Supervision, Round trip transfers






2-week course in Montpellier
20 lessons per week focusing on fluency plus accommodation in individual room in half board accommodation.






 2 weeks in Provence
For adults who need to express themselves with the greatest possible fluency, whether for leisure or professional purposes.
Based on a communicative method, the programme covers discussions, role plays, short talks, and suggested dialogues in which grammar is practised.
B&B in a private home.

If you want 1 to 50 weeks for your French course in France, then contact LANACOS with your requirements. We help, you choose!

Click here if you want to make a booking with tailored advice to achieve the best possible language course abroad at the best price.

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