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Mandarin in Shanghai


Establish yourself in Shanghai; get to know the language and people. Taste the difference and go to a top Chinese language course in China.

"Thank you very much!"

Once in China, you will need a few days to settle and establish yourself. This is your great opportunity to experience a completely different way of life. At first, it may be disorientating but you will need help with your stay. Feel free to ask the bilingual staff at reception as well as the teachers.

Look at the snapshot of prices below (they will change from time to time). Note there are large discounts on long-term stays



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 12 weeks Chinese language course in China
Open to different levels and students will be placed in appropriate groups on first Monday. Beginners' course starts once a month. 2 hours tuition in the morning from 10am is followed by lunch and then another 2 hours activities in the afternoon. Plus extra tours. Option to do one-to-one lessons and to extend the length of stay. Available and open to reservation are serviced apartments or hotels closeby for individual or friends.

If you want 2 to 50 weeks, then contact LANACOS with your requirements. We help, you choose!

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