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Discover a new world with LANACOS - are you motivated?

Imagine learning this great language in a minimum amount of time. Let us lead you into this enchanted land and broaden your horizons. These are the best Chinese residential language courses available.

"I didn't think this was changing me till I met a friend from school (yesterday). He said I'm already more confident, I'm less worried about things (we got lost for 2 hours in an area of Shanghai I didn't know and somehow found a DVD store I'd been to - 2 months ago I would have panicked etc.) so I feel, even before the Mandarin comes in, coming to Shanghai has been very good for me - and I've loved it."

Not only learn Chinese, but experience living in the country. This a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to master a complex language and understand an ancient culture.

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 4 weeks in Beijing or Shanghai
Open to different levels and students will be placed in appropriate groups on first Monday. Beginners' course starts once a month. Fluency in the morning is followed by lunch and then more learning in the afternoon. Plus extra tours. Option to do one-to-one lessons and to extend the length of stay. Accommodation in self-catering apartment. Option to stay with specially-selected host.

If you want 1 to 50 weeks, then contact LANACOS with your requirements. We help, you choose!

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