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This is your great chance to go global and stay local. Meet real people, interact, improve your fluency and enjoy an authentic experience abroad. There are the top language courses abroad in the World today.

"Everything was organised for me, which took the stress out of the whole trip! I can't think of any improvements! Thank you again."

Experience the culture from the inside on your terms. Be an individual and you will prove yourself to be different.

LANACOS helps a variety of students from different backgrounds. Some are going to do (or are currently doing) languages at university, but we have many students doing business, medicine, chemistry, maths, journalism and marketing degrees. Courses for A level and GCSE are available Language learning truly opens up your world and network.

Once you have the improved fluency skills...
you meet who you want to meet
you go where you want to go
you see what you want to see

The ideal time to go is on a gap year or university holiday. Remember, from now until your first job is when you have time�don�t delay�contact LANACOS. However don�t rush your decision, check your options first and plan with time. LANACOS is here to facilitate the process and put the elements together.

The fluency course you do with LANACOS does not have to take that long. In fact 2-12 weeks on a good programme will give you the confidence and know-how to travel smoothly through countries as well as continents. Two weeks on an intensive language programme assured by is similar to a whole year in this country. The results are tangible and you will wonder why you thought you needed more time. Top universities recognise the proficiency levels and you will obtain a certificate at the end of your course to prove this.

You communicate quickly and effectively. Moreover, you don�t pay �tourist� (and therefore highly inflated) prices. Be aware of hawkish operators and glossy publicity material. You are smarter than that, aren�t you?

Are you too young to go by yourself or with a friend?

Then consider our Easter or summer camp options where you can go for two weeks with individuals of similar age and do a full programme of sporting activities as well as learning the language on location. Make the most of your two weeks, have fun and learn!



Notes & Special features


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2 weeks French in Paris
50 contact lessons; verbal communication is key to the success of the programme i.e. learning to listen and understand, to express oneself correctly with good received pronunciation. The end result is to raise the individual's level of communication. Learning materials are included. B&B single room accommodation option to go half-board or hotel.











2 weeks French on C�te d'Azur
Effective & varied morning programme, 40 lessons on structures and conversation with 6 different levels of proficiency� Level check on the first day� Accommodation single room in budget residence option to upgrade or go with specially-selected host.






4-week Italian immersion in Florence
20 lessons/week, plus orientation and cultural activities. Opt-in excursions. Stay single room half-board with specially-selected host, option to stay in apartment and combine with Milan and Rome. 






2-week Budget Course in South of Spain
40 lessons on conversation practice with 13 nights in student apartment (twin room). Walking tour and materials are included.






2-week course in Nice
40 lessons focus on speaking the language. Excellent interaction created by top quality tutors. B&B accommodation with host(option to stay in self-catering apartment, student residence or hotel)






4-week German course in Cologne
24 lessons per week (45 min each) plus accommodation B&B home (alternatively go half-board or stay in self-catering apartments. Option to extend and combine with Berlin, Dortmund and Munich.






1-week French Summer course
This campus programme is ideal for 17-25 year olds - option to extend to 4 weeks. Participants, in 20 lessons/week, practise all language skills speaking the language by using role-plays, debates, meetings and excursions. Accommodation in university residence.






Gap year in Spain
This is the moment to spend 12 weeks plus on a course perfecting your Spanish, living in the country and taking the option to work or not. Employers are keen for students to have high level of fluency; they are not in business to teach students. Competition for places is strong. Learn in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, Santiago de Compostela, Alicante and Salamanca.












Gap Year  Chinese in China
12 week programme with option to extend - 20 contact lessons per week plus extra activities from martial arts, antiques, Cooking classes. The aim is to learn to listen, speak, read and write effectively.High quality teaching guarantees progress and proficiency. Learning materials are included. On-site student residence single room accommodation included with option to stay in a self-catering apartment.






 4-week immersion in Latin America
Small interactive groups allow each student to progress quickly. Gain a certificate at the end of the course and combine locations in Argentina, Chile and Ecuador. Accommodation in shared apartment self-catering. Option to stay with host half-board. Choose from Skiing, Horseriding & Tango Dancing.

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