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Italian in Italy

Step into Italy and the Italian cultureThis is the time to experience the Dolce Vita from living in the country and improving your fluency. Liberate yourself from lonely self-learning technology. Step into Italy and experience Italian on location.

"We are still dreaming about the apartment. We'd been to Florence before but this was different. I'll recommend you to friends, family and students."

Italy offers so many regional differences and its wealth of culture allows you to discover new sights. The language learning process is social and guaranteed by fully-qualified teachers and the Ministry of Education, so that you make maximum progress in minimum amount of time. 

Look at the snapshot of prices below (they will change from time to time). Note there are large discounts on long-term stays



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 2 weeks Italian in Rome
40 lessons in internationally mixed groups with focus on fluency, immerse yourself in the Italian way of life. Stay in Roman apartment . Option for half-board or self-catering accommodation plus hotel.






 2 weeks Italian in Florence
40 lessons concentrates on conversation, grammar and comprehension depending on the individual group's needs
B&B accommodation with specially-selected host.






 2 weeks Italian in Venice
40 lessons in internationally-mixed groups with focus on fluency, immerse yourself in the Venetian way of life. Opt-in afternoon and weekend activities available. Stay with host in apartment in central Venice.






 2 weeks Italian in Genoa
40 lessons concentrate on conversation, grammar and comprehension depending on the individual group's needs. Groups are small, interactive and dynamic. B&B accommodation in home included.

If you want 1 to 50 weeks, then contact LANACOS with your requirements. We help, you choose!

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